Our Line of Distilled Spirits


Barren’s Blueberry
Eau de Vie

Our first product, Barren’s Blueberry Eau de Vie, is made with berries sourced from a farm that has been in one of our owner's family for seven generations.

Barren’s Harbor Gin

Barren’s Harbor Gin is inspired by the style of gin beloved by the seafarers of the British Empire. A firm juniper backbone balanced with the earthy flavors of coastal Maine.

Barren’s Glendarragh Gin

A traditional flavor profile lies underneath bright citrus and lavender. Less juniper than a traditional dry gin gives a lighter experience. We use English Lavender grown in Appleton, Maine, just a few dozen miles from our distillery. A fantastic summer gin that does not let the lavender overpower the gin.


Distillery & Tasting Room

Our Barren’s Blueberry Eau de Vie and Barren’s Harbor Gin
are now available for sale at the distillery.

Monday: Bottle sales by appointment 10am-2pm

Tuesday - Sunday: Tastings, Cocktails, Bottle Sales 3pm-8pm

Email: andrew@bluebarrendistillery.com or jeremy@bluebarrendistillery.com